Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Make Impressive Facebook Profile

Facebook soon become a part of everyone's life, instead of reality, one is known by its facebook profile, likes and followers. It's getting a great competition to be famous on facebook. People's made facebook a visual view of their life. 

 So be update and make your facebook profile best and impressive than others. One can easily get attention to his/her profile by making a good profile. So if you want to get an impressive facebook profile. Just keep in mind these things.

1. Your Profile Name

The very first thing and important is your profile name. And there is only one mantra for this "Be Real", never use any other words with your name (innocent,prince,princess etc.) peoples find that type of profile fake.

NOTE : As you know now facebook provide also alternative name that show in the brackets after your name, so get it, make a impressive alternative name that reflects your personality.

2. Your Profile Picture

Profile pictures are the best things to show your coolness. And mostly peoples respond to attractive profile pictures. Remember try to use only your own picture because As According to a Survey "Most peoples respond to real profile picture they found that profile trustful and not the fake one." But if you are going to use any other picture so use something attractive, not use any celebrity picture that will not make a good impression.

NOTE : Keep full profile picture thumbnail - You must had seen that the way your profile picture displays is in a cropped manner. Make it full visible, for this use "Edit Thumbnail" option which will show under the update your profile picture tab. 

3. Your Cover Photo

Facebook made this one the coolest thing to make profile more impressive. Your cover photo is the first thing that everyone notice when they visit on your profile. So upload the unique and best cover photo. If you are going to upload your own so capture something cool or funny, do some MAD. Always remember facebook is for fun there is no place to be serious. If you want to be serious go join Google+.

NOTE : In the right bar of the page, there is many website links. Find out if you get "Facebook Photos" link, and then follow the link you will surely find the best and coolest photos for your facebook profile that you never seen before. This is the best website for all Facebook Lovers.

4. Your Bio

Don't leave "About You" field blank. Write something about you that is eye caching, people like to know something about you before sending you friend request or message. Write something that best describes you.

NOTE : Keep your bio short, don't torch er your friends or visitors to read an article about you. They would like to read something interesting about you. And keep your about you tab Public.

5. Works at

If you don't work, means you are a student so leave this field blank. Never use "Works at Student" as I think you already able to find some jokes on it. 

NOTE : If you are admin of any page that is plus point for you, remove works at and write owner or admin at with follow your page name.

Try to fill all the fields of your profile. Let your friends know you completely and easily... Happy Facebooking :)

Confused? or want to ask something so Feel Free to Ask in the comments below. I will love to reply you.

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